The International Maew Boran Association

Mattaneeya Pattaragamol & Moung Won Seo

Wila Korats Cattery

Mrs. Duangdoen Thongyoun

SaamPran Cattery

Kannika Yuennan

Thai Cattery

Mr. Annop samakthanyagorn

Thai Korat Cat

Preecha Vadhana

Maew Thai Cattery

Pairath Khumsawang

AreeSiam Cattery

Chuchai Wisetjindarat

Korat Conservation Club

Kamnan Preecha Pukkabut

The Thai Cat Center

Breeders in Thailand which are interested in the preservation of Thailand's ancient cats and are a member of TIMBA can be found on this page. TIMBA has the utmost respect for local breeders interested in breeding for preservation. As TIMBA makes personal connections with these breeders they will appear on this page. Click on their photo to learn more.

Breeders in Thailand