8. Wichienmaat

7. Ratanakamphol

5. Maleht (Korat)

6. Saem Sawet


Stone inscription describing which murals are contained within the library

Horse Mural

Outside walls of the Library - enclosed in a modern building to preserve the library

Manuscript Cabinet

Manuscript Cabinet

Elephant Mural

Inside the Library


4. Kao Taem

3. Suphalak

2. Wilaat

1. Ninlarat

Somdet Paramanujit Jinorasa (1790 - 1853)

10. Mulila

9. Ninlajak

Wat Pho Library Cat Mural Paintings

20. Pisaat

19. Phan Phayak

15. Karawek

13. Krajork

All photographs were taken by TIMBA and may only be used for educational or research purposes. If you are interested in using the photopgrahps for such purposes please take the time to contact TIMBA.

12. Patsawet

11. Krorp Waen

22. Khrop Phlerng

18. Tupphalaphet


21. Hin Thot

17. Jatabut

16. Konja

14. Khab Kaew

23. Nep Saniat

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