When one says that Thai cats come in every color under the sun, it really is the truth.   In the west people are accustomed to "Siamese" cats with blue eyes, "Burmese" cats with gold eyes, and "Tonkinese" with aqua eyes. They are accustomed to "Burmese" and "Siamese" cats that come in four flavors, dark brown (sable, natural or seal), light brown (champagne or chocolate), dark grey (blue), and light grey (platinum or lilac).  The original cats from Thailand do come in these well recognized colors, but, they also come in a much wider variety of coat colors, eye colors, and combinations of the two. Click on the links to the left, or photos below to learn more about your favorite colors and patterns found in Thailand.

Colors & Patterns

Si Sawat (Korat)



Thai Burmese

Wichienmaat (Thai)

Thai Tonkinese

Khao Manee

The International Maew Boran Association