The International Maew Boran Association

Breeder: Friederike Brinsch   

Darika & Meejai Korats

Meejai ~ Darika

Maew Thai Boran : native cats from Thailand

My love for the silverblue luckycat Korat started early in childhood.

Born in Germany 1959, with Austrian, French and Danish family roots, I was lucky to know real Wichienmaat in person; all other native Thai lucky cats being just a sweet dream. I found Korats in Europe by mere coincidence when searching for a kitten for my last two Wichienmaat boys in 2000.

Pure happiness having found them this close to my home, but alas, I realized help was urgently needed to keep them healthy, staying pure Maew Thai Boran.

Well knowing these ancient native Thai cats are more than rare even in their country of origin, with close friendships to Thailand and Thai breeders, I concentrated in contacting friends and searching for Maew Thai Boran.

Having been entrusted with Lalana, a lovely Koratgirl born to Lanna (Sri-Sawad II, bred by Kamnan Preecha at the Thai Cat Preservation Center in Amphawa/Thailand), plans were made to bring back her son Lamoon to Thailand. Meeting Kamnan Preecha and Khun Chuchai was mere joy, but we all agreed, the native Thai cats urgently needed help for preservation, getting fewer and fewer all over the country, there was just *one* copperbrown Suphalak left at Kamnan Preecha's Center ! Korat getting rare also, not to speak about forgotten Kleep Bua and Sam-sawet.

Let's take action and help together ! But where to start ? How ?
Dear Cat Angels, a wonderful caring couple, had already seen the need, TIMBA was founded ! Thank you, Bew & Nolan !!!
I can not put it in words which show all the effort done, all my gratitude <3

Thank you so much, TIMBA team, na ka <3

Time passed, sadly our old teachers Kamnan Preecha and Khun Chuchai crossed over to heaven,

but meanwhile young enthusiast Thai people stay together in preservation of Thai Maew Boran.

With their help I could import my Thai born Korats to Germany, some few friends of mine also started the same path in Europe and US.

Long talk, short sense : meet my Meejai Korats & Darika Maew Thai Boran gang :
  • Lalana Lilavaree, born 2012, who started it all. Her daughters Malai & Madee, born 2019, father being Samut, bred by Kamnan Preecha. 
  • Her granddaughter Areeya, born 2016, father being Nong Noon, bred by Khun Chuchai. 
  • Lovely Soong, born 2014, whom I got from Khun Chuchai together with my big boy Samut, also born 2014, bred by and entrusted to me by Kamnan Preecha. 
  • Ananda, merry boy, born 2016, given to me by my dear friend Mutmee. 
  • ThanSamay, born 2015, first daughter of Samut born at my home. 
  • Nanna, her and Ananda's lovely daughter, born 2019. 
  • Joy-manda, born 2018 in Europe to two from Thailand imported Korats bred by Kannika and Dtu.
  • Luuk HinPhimai, born 2019, his proud Dad beeing Hin Phimai born at a natural habitat in Phimai / Nakhon Rachasima, his mother FahSuay bred by Nuchjarin, FahSuay having been sent pregnant to my dear friend and fellow Maew Thai Boran breeder Adéle in France. I can not thank all of you enough for having got Luuk, the most lovely little boy ever, bringing lots of new, original bloodline and even more joy.

Thank you so much TIMBA team, Nuchjarin and Adéle for this dream came true, na kah.

Last but not least there might be a little surprise adition to my Thai Cat Team, stay tuned, our Thai Good Luck story will go on J

Whoever happens to visit or stay in Germany, please feel free visiting us any time, my whole Thai catgang will merrily greet you at the door.

Friederike Brinsch,
Rika for friends, & Meejai ~ Darika Maew Thai Boran catgang