The International Maew Boran Association

Martin Clutterbuck graduated from the school of Oriental and African Studies of London University in 1989, taking courses in classical and modern Thai Literature. Shortly after moving to Thailand Martin started his work on studying the pre-modern Thai manuscripts on cats, collectively called the Tamra Maew. His studies on the history and translation of the Tamra Maew along with the cats themselves and their genetics is detailed in his book 'Siamese Cats : Legends and Reality (2004)'. An example of the Tamara Maew along with English translations of the poems provided by Martin can be viewed Here. Martin is still currently living in Thailand today and remains active in the Thai cat community. In addition to the books he has authored, Martin has also been involved in several video projects, including the making of 'Cats 101 - Cats of Thailand' which can be viewed below.

Signed and stamped copies of Martin Clutterbuck's book 'Siamese Cats : Legends and Reality' can be purchased through TIMBA. We continue to work closely with Martin and books purchased through TIMBA come directly from Martin. If you are interested in a signed copy please Contact Us with your location. 

Martin R. Clutterbuck  -  Siamese Cats: Legends and Reality (2004)