The International Maew Boran Association

NOVACAT BREEDING CENTER is a new cattery located near Barcelona (Spain), officially registered at the regional and state level, that meets all health and legal requirements, giving special emphasis to the socialization of all Khao Manee kittens they breed.

At the forefront of this project is Trini Santisteban, who decided to import the first ever Khao Manee to Spain few years ago. All the genetic lines worked on in the cattery are originally from Thailand and its main objective, beyond the beauty of Khao Manees, is to release the fantastic character they all have and give the future owners the opportunity to enjoy such a funny and intelligent cat.

You can find further information in their web site or their FB page Nova Breeding Center.

Breeder: Trini Santisteban   

NovaCat Breeding Center - Nova Khao Manee