The International Maew Boran Association

The International Maew Boran Association (TIMBA) is committed to preserving a natural breed, as it exists in Thailand.

The following rules will ensure Maew Boran is maintained as a healthy, genetically diverse, natural breed

Registration Rules for Breeders Abroad

The rules for breeders abroad are more stringent, but with good reason. We have the opportunity to learn from the past, in particular the failures of the Contemporary Burmese and Siamese which are now very unhealthy, non-diverse breeds and no longer resemble thai cats. TIMBA will not repeat history, and these rules must be followed by Maew Boran breeders abroad.

Individual Registration

1. Cats with an unknown history must be accompanied by import documents providing proof they are from Thailand. A photo, results of genetic coat color and tests for known genetic diseases must also be provided.

2. If they are from a breeder in Thailand, include their details. If they are from a temple or street include the province, temple / street name.

Litter Registration

1.  Both parents must be registered and satisfy the rules stated above under Individual Registration.

2. As the gene pool will be limited for breeders abroad, there is a strict rule of an inbreeding coefficient of less than 5% within 3-generations.

3. To ensure diversity is maintained in the future, a cat imported directly from Thailand must appear within 5-generations.

4. Maew Boran is a natural breed from thailand, and to ensure this stays a natural breed TIMBA does not register kittens resulting from out-crosses with other breeds.


1. TIMBA aims to be a registry based on genetic and scientific principles. If kittens are genetically tested for their coat colors we ask the breeder to update TIMBA with the results and a photo of the cat to maintain a comprehensive database of all kittens born.

2. Kittens born from Maew Boran parents can, and are encouraged to be used for out-crossing with the other breeds (Burmese, Thai, Korat, etc). However we ask that these kittens are registered with TIMBA to keep an accurate and complete database of colors born in Maew Boran. A TIMBA pedigree can be provided for these kittens which will show pure, 100% thai origin if needed.

3. If any cat is diagnosed with a known, unhealthy genetic mutation you must notify TIMBA. Depending on the severity of the mutation, this cat may need to be taken out of the breeding program, but should be registered so the mutation can be documented. If a cat becomes unhealthy, and the cause is suspected to be genetic you must notify TIMBA. A panel of composed of veterinarians and geneticists will follow the situation closely and offer advice weather or not this cat should be used for breeding. 

Registration Rules for Breeders in Thailand

The rules for breeders in Thailand are much more relaxed, as these cats have remained healthy in Thailand over hundreds of years. Therefore, these rules are not intended to change the breeding habits of breeders in Thailand, with the exception of preventing inbreeding.

Individual Registration

1. Cats with an unknown history can be registered, but a photo must be provided and information for where the cat was purchased from or found.

2. As TIMBA is a new association some breeders in Thailand may know the history of their cats, but they are deceased. TIMBA will register deceased cats as long as the name, birthdate , a detailed description of the cat is provided and personal communication is made with the breeder.

Litter Registration

1. Both parents must be registered and satisfy the rules stated above under Individual Registration

2. Some thai breeders may have some degree of inbreeding in the 2nd or 3rd generations. For new members this is acceptable, but in the future TIMBA will work with and educate breeders to maintain low inbreeding coefficients for registered kittens (0% in 2-gen / less than 5% in 3-gen). Kittens resulting from Father x Daughter, Mother x Son, or Brother x Sister matings are not allowed to be used for breeding.

Exceptions to these rules are possible and will be addressed on an individual basis

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at or through the contact page

Registration Rules