1. Variety

KMA - Khao Manee

KON - Konja

KOR - Si Sawat (Korat)

SUP - Suphalak

THA - Wichienmaat (Thai)

KLB - Si Kleep Bua (Lilac)

TBU - Thailand Burmese

TTO - Thailand Tonkinese

THC - Thai Maew Baan (Thailand House Cat)*

New Mutation in Development**

WKT - Wila KrungThep
WKR - Wila KrungSri

WKS - Wila KrungSiam

2. Coat Color

n = Black / normal

a =  Dark Brown (Seal)

      (Si MaiThong for WKT)

b = Grey (Blue)

c = Brown (Chocolate)

d = Lilac

e = Red

f = Cream

g = Light Brown (Cinnamon)

h = Beige

w = White

  •  TIMBA registration codes are a modification of the EMS system. The code has been modified to more accurately describe thai cats as they exist in Thailand and intended to be less confusing for thai breeders and pet owners in Thailand.
  • The TIMBA code consists of 6 different parts, the Variety, Coat color, Coat pattern, Eye color, Birthday (MMDDYY) and three unique letters (XYZ) in that order.
  • TIMBA registration codes will appear on all certificates and pedigrees, providing an informative history of your cat.
  • Examples for different colors and patterns can be viewed below.

Understanding TIMBA Registration Codes

* Thailand House Cat (THC) is the equivalent of Household Pets in western associations. Random bred cats such as, Kao Taem (9-point), or any other colors / patterns.



White Khao Manee with Odd eyes


Dark Brown Strongly Pointed (Seal Point) Wichienmaat with Blue eyes


Slightly Pointed (Sepia) Thai Burmese with Gold eyes

i = Black Tortoiseshell

j =  Dark Brown (Seal) Tortoiseshell

k = Grey (Blue) Tortoiseshell

l = Brown (Chocolate) Tortoiseshell

m = Lilac Tortoiseshell

o = Red Tortoiseshell

p = Cream Tortoiseshell

**More Information about the new mutation will be available soon.

cm = Si MaiThong, translating to the color of golden silk (formally Mocha), a new mutation believe to be located on the Tyrosinase TYR gene (same gene as cs and cb).

Still Confused? TIMBA is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding registration codes
registration@timba.org or contact form

*** The Coat Pattern refers to the contrast between the "Points" (Face, Ears, Paws and Tail) and the body color

4. Eye Color

61 = Blue

62 = Orange

63 = Odd

64 = Green

65 = Yellow/Gold

66 = Aqua

The International Maew Boran Association


Si Sawat with Green eyes


Solid Brown Suphalak with Gold eyes


Solid Black Konja with Gold eyes

3. Coat Pattern***

31 = Slightly Pointed (Sepia, cbcb)

32 = Medium Pointed (Mink. cbcs)

33 = Strongly Pointed (Point, cscs)

34 = Not Pointed (Solid, C)

New Mutation in Development**

35 = KrungThep (cmcm)

36 = KrungSri (cbcm)

37 = KrungSiam (cscm)