The International Maew Boran Association

What Makes the Maew Boran a Natural Breed

Maew Boran is the naturally occurring breed of cats found living in Thailand. In the west, we call them Siamese, Burmese, Tonkinese, Khao Manee and Korat cats. But, in Thailand, they are the same breed. And, importantly, they are a Natural Breed.

To begin with, it would be helpful to know what a natural breed is.  A Natural Breed is a breed of cat that came into existence all on its own. It developed naturally, in the case of the Maew Boran, in the streets, villages, temples, and mountain sides of Thailand.

Are there other types of cat breed? Yes. The other type is a Man Made breed (established breed). A Man Made breed is a breed that was created by cat breeders.  

Scientific research has determined that Maew Boran are genetically distinct from cats from other parts of the world, and, anyone who has had one of these cats, will attest to this fact. They are not the same as a European or Middle Eastern cats.

The unique appearance of Siamese, Burmese, Tonkinese, and Korats, is caused by a series of related mutations possessed by these unique cats. These mutations, called albinistic mutations, cause a reduction in coat color. In simple terms, these mutations cause the color of the coat to be lighter than it might be otherwise. Experts believe that these lightening mutations were adaptive. This means that as a result of the extreme heat in Thailand, over time, the cats developed lighter coats.  They adapted to their environment.  Grey is lighter than black and would be a more comfortable color to wear in the heat of Thailand!

The albinistic mutation truly unique to Thailand is the one you see in the Siamese, Burmese, and Tonkinese cats. This mutation causes a loss of color on the warmest parts of the cats body. So, a Siamese cat, as an example, is lighter on the body and darker on the paws, tail, and face. This mutation causes the coat pattern most usually associated with Thai cats. Sometimes they are called pointed cats, because, they have darker colors on their points.

The grey cat, known as the Korat is caused by a dilution gene that dilutes the cats coat color to from  black to Grey. This same dilution gene can turn a dark brown cat into a light brown cat.

Maew Boran have other unique mutations. One is eye color. Eye color mutations cause blue, green, and yellow eyes. The other is a short coat mutation. Maew Boran have an extremely short coat, also helpful when you live in the tropics!

Last but not least, they carry a personality mutation that results in them acting more like a dog than a cat. They are a physically beautiful natural breed, there is no denying that. But, what really makes them special is their unique personality.  There are lots of pretty cats, but, there is only one cat that behaves like a Thai cat.  

Maew Boran, from Thailand, tend to carry a mixture of these genetic mutations, and a result, come in a wild collection of coat colors, from black to white, with varying degrees of points, or no points, and eye colors that range from blue to yellow.  

Between their unique coat and eye colors,  and their unmistakable personalities, Maew Boran are a natural breed unlike any other.

If would like to learn more about these genetic mutations an overview of Maew Boran genetics can be found Here.

TIMBA (The International Maew Boran Association) is working to keep this natural breed alive, in Thailand and in the west. Though these cats are the national treasure of Thailand, they have also given rise to the most popular Man Made cat breeds in the world. Efforts to preserve this Natural Breed include a registration program for cats in Thailand, and in the West, the development of a Natural Breed breeding management plan, and study of the breed.

What is a Natural Breed?