The International Maew Boran Association

WhyWhiteThaiCat Cattery - Bangkok, Thailand

     Miss Nimit (Bless) Suththisathyarathaseries is a 9 year old Thai girl from Bangkok who first became interested in Khao Manee, the white Thai cat. Her parents first experienced the Khao Manee 10 years ago through the "Gracehouse International Farm" and after Bless began to show interest in Khao Manee they decided to start breeding Khao manee to help preserve the breed in Thailand. They were fascinated by the history of the breed, first mentioned in the ancient Tamra Maew, and most importantly the cats curious, cute and charming personality, making this one of the best white cats in the world!
     While starting "WhyWhiteThaiCat Cattery" Bless and her family has met Mr. Preecha Vadhana of Maew Thai Cattery, Mr. (Kamnan) Preecha Pukkabut (and his daughter) of The Thai Cat Center, Mrs. Pabhawarin Klaichim of Baan Meaw Nuch Nopaklaw, Mr. Pairath Khumsawang of AreeSiam Cattery, Mrs. Mattaneeya Pattaragamol of ThaiWila Cattery and the board executive's "Feline Fanciers Federation: FFF" Mr. Danny Tai and Mr. Chris Wong who mentored and taught them about the different cat breeds, especially Khao Manee, the white Thai cat. Bless and her family are passionate about the breed and want to help tell the world how amazing Khao Manee are. Bless and her family at WhyWhiteThaiCat Cattery are happy to become part of the Khao Manee breeder community in Thailand and are now associated with FFF and TIMBA since 16 May 2019.